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The Tuffo program call 2017

The Tuffo program aims to produce new knowledge that will contribute to an increased pace in the remediation of contaminated sites in Sweden, and enable the fulfilment of the environmental quality objective "a non-toxic environment".

The specific aims and more about Tuffo can be found here. This year's call focuses on new innovative solutions for contaminated areas and comprises 10 million SEK that will be distributed among approximately 3-5 awarded projects. Grants can be awarded with a maximum of 50 percent of the total project budget. Contaminated buildings are not covered by the program.

Researchers can apply for funding, but proposed projects must be carried out in conjunction with the industry and coupled to existing contaminated sites in Sweden, where investigations or treatment are taking place. Suitable stakeholders to involve are for example contractors, consultants, facility owners and monitoring agencies. Grants shall be administered by Swedish universities or colleges or other Swedish public research institutes. The grant holder may not be a research unit that is profit-driven.

Applications and evaluation are made in a two-stage process, where Stage 1 includes idea outlines and Stage 2 comprises full applications. Of the ideas received in the Stage 1, a subset is selected and candidates are invited to write a full application, Stage 2. Applicants can submit multiple idea outlines in Stage 1, but only one can proceed to Stage 2.

Instructions for applicants and Templates for application Stage 1 and Stage 2 (documents are written in Swedish):

Instructions - Anvisningar för sökande 2017
Application - Mall för ansökan Steg 1 (idéskiss) 2017

The evaluation is performed by two groups, the Stakeholders' panel whith representatives of consultants, contractors and authorities, and the Scientific review panel consisting of Swedish and international researchers. Formal decision on award of contributions is taken by SGI. Projects with both technical and economic cooperation with other actors will be given higher priority. In the evaluation, great weight will be given to the collaboration with industry and/or stakeholders and exploitation of results. More about the evaluation procedure can be found on the Swedish website under the heading "Anvisningar för sökande år 2017".

Please note that applications that are clearly out of the scope, of Tuffo or the specific call, will be rejected. So will also applications lacking of mandatory information or not fulfilling the formal requirements (too many pages, wrong font, submitted after deadline etc.).

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