6. Case studies and demonstration projects

6A Case studies ̶ Stabilization and sealing

Moderator: Carlo Vandecasteele (K.U. Leuven, Belgium)

Sustainable use of alternative materials for sealing of a landfill. A successful dialogue between authorities and enterprises
Michael Kempi (Municipality of Örebro) - Sweden

Stabilisation as an alternative for mass exchange for clays with high sulphide content
Lindroos, Autiola, Lahtinen, Kreft-Burman & Mäkelä. Noora Lindroos (Ramboll Finland Oy) - Finland

Remediation of Oskarshamn harbour – stabilization of contaminated sediments
Wilhelmsson, Lindmark & Nilsson. Anna Wilhelmsson (COWI AB) - Sweden

6B Case studies ̶ Road construction

Moderator: Hans van der Sloot (Netherlands Energy Research Foundation)

Fly ash as a road construction material
Vestin, Arm, Nordmark, Lagerkvist, Hallgren & Lind. Jenny Vestin (SGI - Swedish Geotechnical Institute) - Sweden

OSAMAT - Utilisation of oil shale ashes in road construction
Ronkainen, Koroljova, Pototski, Puhkim, Lahtinen & Kiviniemi. Marjo Ronkainen (Ramboll Finland Oy) - Finland

Recycled aggregates applied in road construction - long term leaching study at field site
Engelsen, van der Sloot, Petkovic, Wibetoe & Lund. Christian Engelsen (SINTEF) - Norway

Absoils - Sustainable methods and processes to convert ABandoned low-quality SOILS into construction materials
Kreft-Burman, Lahtinen, Ollila, Forsman, Niutanen & Lehtonen. Kata Kreft-Burman (Ramboll Finland Oy) - Finland

P3 Plenary Poster Parade: Case studies and demonstration projects

Moderator: John Heynen (NL Agency, The Netherlands)

Dredged Materials in Dike Construction – DredgDikes Project Overview
Cantré, Nitschke & Saathoff. Elisabeth Nitschke (University of Rostock) - Germany

Use of recycled aggregates as alternative to natural gravel in road construction applications
Luc De Bock (BRRC - Belgian Road Research Centre) - Belgium

STABLE - Controlled Treatment of TBT-Contaminated Dredged Sediments for the Beneficial Use in Infrastructure Applications
Lindroos, Autiola, Maijala, Lahtinen, Leinonen & Niutanen. Pentti Lahtinen (Ramboll Finland Oy) - Finland

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