4. Environmental impact. Life cycle and risk analysis

4A Life cycle and risk assessment

Moderator: Ange Nzihou (Ecole des Mines d'Albi, France)

Evaluation of pollutant release from construction products
Lupsea, Schiopu & Tiruta-Barna. Maria-Octavia Lupsea (Université Paris-Est, CSTB - Scientific and Technical Centre for the Building Industry) - France

CPR: From material emission data to a life cycle perspective
Suer, Wik & Erlandsson. Pascal Suer (SGI - Swedish Geotechnical Institute) - Sweden

Risk assessment of emissions from (secondary) construction products and contaminated soil
Spijker, Groenenberg & Comans. Job Spijker (RIVM - National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) - Netherlands

Life cycle assessment of recycling and re-use of construction and demolition waste
Ekvall, Bolin & Fredén. Tomas Ekvall (IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute) - Sweden

Risk assessment and life cycle assessment of reclaimed asphalt
Huang, Parry, Wayman, McNally, Andersson-Sköld, Wik, Enell & Ličbinský. Anja Enell & Yvonne Andersson-Sköld (SGI - Swedish Geotechnical Institute) - Sweden

4B Environmental impact assessment

Moderator: Jacques Méhu (INSA de Lyon, France)

Leaching of heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from reclaimed asphalt; Application of an up-flow percolation test
Quinn, McNally & Magette. Aoife Quinn (University College Dublin) - Ireland

Environmental characterisation of reclaimed asphalt
Enell, McNally, Ličbinský, Quinn, Huzlik & Wik. Anja Enell (SGI - Swedish Geotechnical Institute) - Sweden

Environmental behaviour of inorganic pollutants present in raw and desalinated French marine sediments
Achard, Bénard, Campredon, Merdy & Lucas. Romain Achard (INERIS - Institut National de l'Environnement Industriel et des Risques) - France

Estimates of the chemical form of fluorine in steel slag by the application of saturated column test
Nakamura, Yoneda, Matsui & Nakayama. Kengo Nakamura (Kyoto University) - Japan

Geochemical modelling of Copper (II) speciation in MSWI bottom ash leachates
Toller, van Schaik, Berggren Kleja, Gustafsson, van Zomeren & Comans. André van Zomeren (ECN - Energy research Centre of the Netherlands) - Netherlands

4C Environmental impact assessment ̶ Decision support tools

Moderator: Kevin Gardner (University of New Hampshire, USA)

An analytical protocol for the knowledge of wastes by substances
Hennebert & Papin. Pierre Hennebert (INERIS - Institut National de l'Environnement Industriel et des Risques) - France

Development of an expert tool for the selection of suitable recycling options
Broos, Quaghebeur, Nielsen, De Brouwere, Buekers, Bleux & Laenen. Kris Broos (VITO - Flemish Institute for Technological Research) - Belgium

Construction projects using alternative materials: a framework to assess their sustainability
Fevre-Gautier, Vaxelaire, Beylot, Michel, Brullot, Lannou & Stoos. Stéphane Vaxelaire (BRGM) - France

The GeDSeT project: constitution of a decision support tool (DST) for the management and material recovery of waterways sediments in Belgium and Northern France
Lemière, Michel, Jacob, Haouche, Alary, Laboudigue, Brequel & Hazebrouck. Pascale Michel (BRGM) - France

P3 Plenary Poster Parade: Environmental impact assessment

Moderator: John Heynen (NL Agency, The Netherlands)

Assessing of economical-transportation criteria for the optimal location of construction and demolition waste management facilities in Cantabria (Spain)
Galán, Dosal, Coronado, Andrés & Viguri. Berta Galán (University of Cantabria) - Spain

Seepage in embankments - Indoor lysimeter tests
Kellermann-Kinner, Marks, Bürger & Kocher. Tanja Marks (BAST) - Germany

Classification of waste to enable utilization in an environmental safe way
Stiernström, Breitholtz, Lindé, Hemström, Enell & Wik. Sara Stiernström (Stockholm University) - Sweden

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