Friday Plenary session

Moderator: Bo Lind (Swedish Geotechnical Institute, Sweden)

Stabilisation studies for contaminated sediments from Baltic Sea area - Case SMOCS
Lindroos, Lahtinen, Autiola, Reinikainen, Kohonen & Lampinen. Noora Lindroos (Ramboll Finland Oy) - Finland

Waste-to-Materials: Carbon recycling into built infrastructure
Gardner, Nuss & Bringezu. Kevin Gardner (University of New Hampshire) - USA

Sustainable use of crushed autoclaved aerated concrete (CAAC) as a filter medium in wastewater purification
Renman & Renman. Gunno Renman (Royal Institute of Technology) - Sweden

IRCOW: Innovative strategies for high-grade material recovery from construction and demolition waste
Vegas & Lisbona. Iñigo Vegas (TECNALIA) - Spain

Commercial production of accelerated carbonated aggregate from municipal solid waste air pollution control residues (APCr)
Gunning, Hills & Carey. Colin Hills (University of Greenwich) - UK

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