2. Leaching tests: harmonization, validation, standardization, application

2A Harmonization of leaching tests

Moderator: Ole Hjelmar (DHI, Denmark)

Interlaboratory Validation of Leaching Methods in the Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF) for Acceptance by U.S. EPA
Garrabrants, Kosson, Delapp, van der Sloot, Stefanski, Thorneloe, Helms, Baldwin & Kariher. Andrew Garrabrants (Vanderbilt University) - USA

Harmonization of test methods for the execution of the European Construction Products Directive (CPD)
Nebel & Spanka. Gerhard Spanka (German Cement Works Association) - Germany

Recent developments towards standardisation in geochemical modelling of leaching processes
Comans, van Zomeren & Dijkstra. Rob Comans (ECN - Energy research Centre of the Netherlands) - Netherlands

A reference database in LeachXS™ Lite for release of substances from construction products including alternative materials
Van der Sloot, Kosson, Hjelmar, Comans, Seignette, Garrabrants & van Zomeren. Hans van der Sloot (Hans van der Sloot Consultancy) - Netherlands

2B Application of leaching tests

Moderator: Julia Stegemann (University College London, United Kingdom

A leaching test for low-strength pervious shaped materials containing zinc ashes
Spooren, Quaghebeur & Nicolai. Jeroen Spooren (VITO - Flemish Institute for Technological Research) - Belgium

Seepage in embankments - Outdoor lysimeter tests
Marks, Brand, Tiffert, Schnell & Kocher. Tanja Marks (BAST - Federal Highway Research Institute) - Germany

Assessment of leaching from construction & demolition waste concrete
Butera, Christensen & Astrup. Stefania Butera (Technical University of Denmark) - Denmark

Development of leaching procedures for synthetic turf systems containing scrap tire granules
Kalbe, Krüger, Berger, Wachtendorf & Hally. Ute Kalbe (BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) - Germany

P3 Plenary Poster Parade: Leaching tests

Moderator: John Heynen (NL Agency, The Netherlands)

Leaching behaviour methodology as a tool for stabilised/solidified metallic waste characterisation
Coz, Ruiz-Labrador, Alonso-Santurde, Coronado & Andrés. Alberto Coz (University of Cantabria) - Spain

Development of a leaching test for (recycled) metal surfaces: theory, test results and practice
Dijkstra, van der Sloot & Comans. Joris Dijkstra (ECN - Energy research Centre of the Netherlands) - Netherlands

The role of sample preparation in testing of metal leachability from metallurgical slag
Vítková, Ettler, Mihaljevič & Šebek. Martina Vítková (Charles Univ in Prague) - Czech Republic

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