1. New alternative products and production methods

1A Alternative materials in roads and soils

Moderator: Lale Andreas (Luleå University of Technology, Sweden)

Soil improvement effects from recycled bassanaite derived from waste plaster boards
Sato, Fujikawa & Oshikata. Kenichi Sato (Fukuoka University) - Japan

Soil treatment with non-traditional additives in earthworks
Blanck, Cuisinier & Masrouri. Gaëtan Blanck (Laboratoire Environnement Géomécanique et Ouvrages) - France

Toughness performance of recycled aggregates
Ayan, Azadani, Omer & Limbachiya. Vahid Ayan (Islamic Azad University) - Iran

Laboratory testing of reclaimed asphalt pavement - crushed rock for footpath applications
Piratheepan & Arulrajah. Jegatheesan Piratheepan (Swinburne University of Technology Melbourne) - Australia

Steel slag characterization for the recovery in bituminous paving mixtures
Sorlini, Rondi & Sanzeni. Luca Rondi (University of Brescia) - Italy

1B Alternative materials in cement and concrete

Moderator: Javier Viguri (University of Cantabria, Spain)

Determination of potential reactivity of municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) fly ashes in cementitious materials
Lenormand, De Boom, Degrez, Pierre & Staquet. Aurore De Boom (CREA-SURF, Université Libre de Bruxelles) - Belgium

A factorial approach for the investigation of mechanical and leaching properties of incinerator bottom ash - cement blends
Onori, Polettini & Pomi. Alessandra Polettini (University of Rome) - Italy

Engineering properties of ternary blended cements containing thermally activated paper sludge and fly ash
Vegas, Urreta, Cano, Frías, Goñi, García & Vigil. Iñigo Vegas (TECNALIA, NANOC) - Spain

Plasma vitrified air pollution control (APC) residues as pozzolanic additive to cement
Kourti, Deegan, Boccaccini & Cheeseman. Christopher Cheeseman (Imperial College London) - UK

Valorisation of municipal solid waste incinerator (MSWI) fly ashes: solving problems
De Boom, Lenormand, Carette, Obein, Staquet, Pierre & Degrez. Aurore De Boom (CREA-SURF, Université Libre de Bruxelles) - Belgium

1C New products from ash, slag and sludge

Moderator: Colin Hills (University of Greenwich, United Kingdom)

Value creation out of municipal solid waste incinerator (MSWI) bottom ash
De Vries, Rem & de Keizer. Marc de Keizer (Inashco) - Netherlands

Upgraded municipal solid waste incinerator (MSWI) bottom ash as aggregate in concrete
Van der Wegen, Hofstra & Speerstra. Gert van der Wegen (SGS INTRON B.V.) - Netherlands

Carbstone: A novel process for the production of construction materials from slags and CO2
Quaghebeur, Nielsen, Laenen, Van Mechelen & Nguyen. Mieke Quaghebeur (VITO - Flemish Institute for Technological Research) - Belgium

1D Alternative materials for landfill construction

Moderator: Pentti Lahtinen (Ramboll Finland Oy, Finland)

Fly ash from combusted paper fibre sludge used as final cover material for landfills
Kristina Hargelius (Ramböll) - Sweden

Use of industrial residues as additives in tailings paste for the mitigation of acid rock drainage: Effect of green liquid dregs and fly ash addition on geotechnical stabilization of tailings
Jia, Stenman, Mäkitalo, Maurice & Öhlander. Yu Jia (Luleå University of Technology) - Sweden

Relationship between hydraulic conductivity and dry density of foundry green sand
Malin Sundsten (SWECO Infrastructure AB) - Sweden

Evaluating the durability of two recycled aggregates to be used in basal drainage layer of landfills
Rodrigues, Roque & da Silva. António José Roque (LNEC - Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil) - Portugal

Evaluation of properties of fly ash stabilized sewage sludge (FSS) as liner on landfills
Ländell, Håkansson & Mácsik. Märta Ländell (SGI - Swedish Geotechnical Institute) - Sweden

P3 Plenary Poster Parade: New products and applications

Moderator: John Heynen (NL Agency, The Netherlands)

Pilot-scale leaching behaviour study of ready-mix concrete containing fly-ash from sewage sludge thermal treatment
Chen, Blanc, Gautier, Gourdon, Méhu & Jayr. Jacques Méhu (LGCIE & Insa de Lyon) - France

Properties of mineral binder based on the fly ash from brown coal assigned for road construction
Pytel & Mróz. Zdzisław Pytel (AHG University of Science and Technology) - Poland

Alkaline activation of ceramic waste materials
Reig, Tashima, Borrachero, Monzó & Payá. Lucia Reig (EMC, Universitat Jaume I) - Spain


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