3. Technical properties + Quality control

3 Technical properties of waste based concrete and ceramic

Moderator: Alessandra Polettini (University of Rome, Italy

Changes in ceramic blocks porosity with phosphate sludge due to salt crystallization
Bersch, Brehm & Kazmierczak. Claudio de Souza Kazmierczak (UNISINOS - University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos) - Brazil

The influence of fluidized ashes on formation of the microstructures of autoclaved aerated concrete
Łaskawiec, Małolepszy & Zapotoczna-Sytek. Katarzyna Łaskawiec (Research Centre of Concrete - CEBET) - Poland

Study of rheological and mechanical properties of recycled brick aggregate concrete
Sandrine Braymand (IMFS, Université de Strasbourg) - France

Modelling of technical properties of alternative raw materials based structural ceramic using mixture design experiments (MDoE)
Coronado, Alonso-Santurde, Martín-Torre & Andrés. María Coronado (University of Cantabria) - Spain

P3 Plenary Poster Parade: Technical properties of waste based materials

Moderator: John Heynen (NL Agency, The Netherlands)

On the reuse of solid residues derived from various MSWI processes for concrete production: evaluation of the mechanical and environmental characteristics
Abbà, Sorlini, Collivignarelli & Bruggi. Luca Rondi (University of Brescia) - Italy

Distribution of the acid extractable Pb contents in solid waste melting slag
Mizutani & Kanjo. Satoshi Mizutani (Graduate school of Eng, Osaka City University) - Japan

Properties of autoclaved sand-lime bricks with an addition of lime rich ashes
Zdzisław Pytel (AHG University of Science and Technology) - Poland

Preparation and properties of blended cements with utilization of waste, secondary and natural raw materials
Staněk, Schwarzerová & Bibora. Petr Bibora (Research Institute of Building Materials JSC) - Czech Republic

Composite products of waste materials for roads and civil engineering
Per Tyllgren (Svenskt VägCentrum) - Sweden

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