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Our research

Research that brings about change and does good. That is what we strive for. In order to arrive here we need to meet the challenges in society and pursue research based on the needs of the users.

Societal challenges

We conduct research and development that meets clear societal challenges:

  • Land, water and other natural resources are important in our society. How we utilise these not only affects the health and wellbeing of individuals, but also the environment and the national economy. Sustainable construction and resource usage require significant knowledge.
  • Construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure and buildings, are associated with vast costs. The greatest technical risks are frequently related to the strength of the soil and how structures need to be adapted to the soil conditions. Our infrastructure also accounts for a considerable part of society's material and energy consumption. While research and education are both needed to reduce technical and financial risks.
  • Climate changes will lead to more and more extensive natural events, for example, floods and landslides. In order to address these risks, more research as well as far-sighted, climate change adaptation work are required within the whole of society including municipalities, the public sector and private stakeholders.
  • Another major challenge is Sweden's more than 100,000 contaminated sites. Some 1400 are in the highest risk class and, according to the Swedish environmental objectives, these must be rehabilitated at the latest by 2050. To achieve this requires the current clean-up rate to be quadrupled, and both new knowledge and new rehabilitation techniques to be developed.


  • The geotechnical risks must decrease
  • Sustainable adaptation measures against natural events and climate changes must be implemented
  • Planning and construction process must be made more efficient
  • The load on the environment and natural resources must decrease
  • Contaminated areas must be treated

To achieve this, we will define the needs in cooperation with users and through broad cooperation with universities, Governments and trade and industry. Research must be of a high scientific quality in order to be able to convey well founded knowledge and provide guidance. We run extensive knowledge brokering activities to ensure research results benefit society.

Funding and support

Our research is funded through our Government appropriation and contributions from the research council, authorities and the EU.

We maintain a research infrastructure in the form of libraries, laboratories, test fields, GIS and IT support in order to support our research and development activities.

Ongoing research and research findings

A selection of our current International and European projects can be found on our website.

We publish our research findings through reports in our own report series, in other organisations' publications in scientific journals and through contributions to international and national conferences.

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