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Mixing ´05
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Stockholm 2005

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Proceedings from Deep Mixing´05

The International Conference on Deep Mixing - Recent Advances and Best practice was an important milestone in the development of Deep Mixing methods. The Conference was held on May 23-25, 2005, in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Proceedings showcase recent advancements in all facts of the Deep Mixing-industry. Almost 100 technical documents are available on the printed version or the CD-ROM.

Volume 1 includes Technical Papers, Regional Reports and Keynote Lectures. Volume 2 includes State of Practice Reports.
Price: CD-Rom Volume 1 and 2 - Euro 120
+ VAT and postal charges
Price: Printed volumes 1 and 2 - Euro 190
+ VAT and postal charges

The Proceedings can be ordered from
Swedish Deep Stabilization Research Centre
c/o SGI, SE-581 93 Linköping, Sweden
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Fax: +46 13 20 19 14


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Participants at Deep Mixing ´05
The total number of participants was 293 from 26 countries. Of these, 259 delegates joined the Technical Program together with 19 exhibitors. Furthermore, 15 guests participated in the AccompanyingProgram. The participants came from Europe (76 %), Asia (14 %) and North America (9 %).

Partners and supporting organisations
An international conference of the shape of Deep Mixing ´05 can not be realised without the invaluable support by partners and supporting organisations as well as the contributions of many individuals and leading professional organisations.

Technical Exhibition
A great response was received on the invitation to the Technical Exhibitions - the Conference Exhibition on site and the Internet Exhibition. This was most important, as one of the main objectives of the conference was to provide a platform for personal and professional interaction.

At the Technical Exhibition 19 companies and organisations participated, from 6 countries. The exhibition was not limited to deep mixing technology, but also included other interesting applications of methods for ground improvement, foundation and field investigations.