Swedish Deep Stabilization Research Centre

The Swedish Deep Stabilization Reserach Centre (SD) coordinated research and development activities in deep stabilization of soft soils with lime-cement columns. A joint research programme, based on the needs stated by the authorities and the industry, was conducted during the period 1996-2004.

Members of the SD included authorities, lime and cement manufacturers, contractors, consultants, research institutes and univerisities. The centre was located at the Swedish Geotechnical Institut.

Eighteen reports were published during the period and 32 work reports. Below you will find the 18 reports. They are mainly in Swedish, but with an English summary. Only two work reports comes in English. They are listed below.


Report 1 (In Swedish, with an English summary)
Compilation of experience of lime-cement columns
Torbjörn Edstam

Report 2 (In Swedish, with an English summary)
Preliminary investigations of the influence of the type of quicklime on stabilisation results
Helen Åhnberg & Håkan Pihl

Report 3 (In English)
Stabilisation of Organic Soil by Cement- and Puzzolanic Reactions - Feasibility Study
Karin Axelsson, Sven-Erik Johansson & Ronny Andersson

Report 4 (In Swedish, with an English summary)
Test embankment on gyttja and sulphide clay reinforced with lime/cement columns in Norrala 
Rolf Larsson

Report 5 (In Swedish, with an English summary)
Nenad Jelisec

Report 6 (In English)
Mixing processes for Ground Improvement by Deep Mixing
Stefan Larsson

Report 7 (In English)
Deformation behavior of lime/cement column stabilized clay (Doctoral Thesis)
Sadek Baker

Report 8  (In Swedish, with an English summary)
Deep stabilization with lime cement columns. Methods for quality control in the field
Morgan Axelsson

Report 9 (In English)
The function of different binding agents in deep stabilization
Mårten Janz Sven-Erik Johansson

Report 10 (In English)
Mitigation of Track and Ground Vibrations by High Speed Train at Ledsgård, Sweden
Göran Holm, Bo Andréasson, Per-Evert Bengtsson, Anders Bodare, Håkan Eriksson

Report 11 (In Swedish, with an English summary)
Miljöeffektbedömning (LCA) för markstabilisering
Tomas Rydberg, Ronny Andersson

Report 12 (In English)
Mixing Processes for Ground Improvement by Deep Mixing
Stefan Larsson

Report 13 (In English)
Proceedings of the International Conference on Deep Mixing – Best Practice and Recent Advances, Deep Mixing'05

Report 14 (In Swedish, with an English summary)
Stabilisering av torv i laboratorium. – Metodbeskrivning, - Underlagsrapport, 2006
Martin Holmén

Report 15 (In Swedish, with an English summary)
Provbankar Riksväg 45/Nordlänken. Bankar på kalkcementpelarförstärkt jord – Beräkningsmodell för sättningar, 2006
Claes Alén, Göran Sällfors, Per-Evert Bengtsson, Sadek Baker

Report 16 (In English)
Strength of Stabilised Soils. A Laboratory Study on Clays and Organic Soils Stabilised with Different Types of Binder, 2006
Helen Åhnberg (droktorsavhandling)

Report 17 (In Swedish, with an English summary)
Djupstabilisering med bindemedelsstabiliserade pelare och masstabilisering – en vägledning, 2006
Rolf Larsson

Report 18 (In Swedish, with an English summary)
Svensk Djupstabilisering (SD) FoU 1995-2006. Ett kunskapslyft inom djupstabilisering, 2006
Göran Holm, SD:s styrgrupp

Work reports

Work report 27
A complementary field study on the uniformity of lime-cement columns – Field tests at Strängnäs

Work report 31
A laboratory model study on the transition zone and the boundary layer around lime-cement columns in kaolin clay

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